Can I use my existing ASIC online lodgement account to complete my business name transactions?

No. ASIC's new online business names service will only be available through ASIC Connect. You will need to sign up for an ASIC Connect account when the business name service commences.

Will business name transactions be available through my current software?

Not immediately. You should contact your Digital Service Provider (DSP) for information about services they will provide.

Can a business name be linked to more than one online user account?

Yes, providing that they are authorised by the business name holder. ASIC does not need to see the authorisation, but we will ask agents to declare their authority online as part of a transaction.

I have a number of employees who represent multiple business names -do they all need to create their own accounts?

Yes, each individual agent must sign up for an ASIC Connect account and (to handle renewals) link each relevant business name to their account. This can be done from the 'Adding to your business details' transaction in ASIC Connect.

How can I get an ASIC key for the business names I represent?

An ASIC key will be issued upon registration for all business names registered on or after 28 May 2012.

For existing business name registered prior to 28 May 2012, an ASIC key will be sent with the registration reminder notice. Alternatively, an ASIC key can be requested at any time through ASIC Connect or at .  The ASIC key will be sent to the address for service recorded on the business name register.

Agents may request that a large number of ASIC keys be emailed to them. They can do this online by submitting a request through You will need to provide details about the business names you are authorised to represent.

Find out more about requesting bulk ASIC keys.

Who will ASIC give a 'bulk' list of ASIC keys to?

We will email lists of ASIC keys to ASIC registered agents where we know that the agent represents companies that hold the business names that the ASIC keys relate to. On a case-by-case basis, ASIC will provide similar support to other businesses or agents (such as large corporate groups or franchisors). ASIC may require further details such as a letter of authorisation or request on firm letterhead.

Do I need to keep signed copies of documents when acting on behalf of a business name client?

The ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol (ELP) contains the terms and conditions that users agree to comply with when using ASIC's online services. The ELP has been updated to include online lodgement of business name transactions. There will be no ASIC requirement to keep signed copies of business name documents. However, whether you retain hard copies of documents is a matter for you to determine.

If an employee who is linked to a business name leaves my organisation, can they transfer their account and linked business names to another employee?

No.  The outgoing person will need to remove themselves as an authorised person for each of the business names they are linked to and cancel their account with ASIC. If someone else will be representing those business names, they will need to link the business names to their ASIC Connect account.

Can I pay several renewal fees on behalf of my clients at the same time?

No, although this service is in development.

What payment options are available?

You can pay business name renewal fees online by Visa or Mastercard.  Alternatively, you can request an invoice which will contain information about other payment options.