Cancelling or transferring a business name

Cancelling or transferring a business name

My business name is identical to another business name. Can I transfer it to a new holder?

Yes, if the identical business name was registered before 28 May 2012.

Why do I have to cancel my business name to transfer it? Can't I just change the proprietor?

The law does not allow you to transfer or assign a business name to another holder. However, you can choose to cancel the business name and notify us of your consent to transfer the business name to another holder.


This can be done in the same transaction. When you submit a request to cancel the business name, select the option to ‘cancel and transfer’.


We will email a 'consent to transfer number' to you. Once you provide this number to the new proposed business name holder, they can use it to apply to register the business name. If this does not occur within three months from cancellation, the transfer number will expire and the name will become available to other applicants.

Am I eligible for a refund of my business name registration fee if my business name is transferred to a new holder before my renewal date?

No. If you cancel/transfer a business name before its registration expires, you will not receive a refund on your registration fee.

How do I cancel my business name?

See the cancel a business name page at our website.