Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Disclaimer: Terms in this glossary are provided for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice from the website owner – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


The words in brackets do not form part of the term. Where 'Business names' and/or 'SMSF auditors' appears in brackets alongside a term, this denotes the definition is only to be used in reference to the relevant register. These terms do not apply to any other ASIC services.

Viewing entries beginning with 'S'

Satisfied charge

A registered charge that has been satisfied.

Searching the Business Names Register

Includes using ASIC's online service to view or obtain copies of entries in the Business Names Register, including checking the availability of a business name. For all options for searching the Business Names Register refer to our compare free and paid information page.

Securities dealer

A person licensed by ASIC to deal in securities. A stand-alone license for Securities Dealers existed prior to the financial services reform commencing in 2002. It has now been replaced by a single licensing regime for all persons carrying on financial services business in Australia, the Australian Financial Services Licence.

Securities representative

A person who was authorised by a licensed securities dealer or licensed investment adviser to carry on a securities business on behalf of the dealer or adviser. This is a role that existed prior to the financial services reform 2002 and no longer exists.

Shareholder (member)

See: Member.

Sign up to ASIC Connect (Business names/SMSF auditors)

To use ASIC Connect, and transact online, an individual must 'sign-up' to create a user account. This is a one-off process. See also: User account.

SMSF Auditor number (SAN)

A unique number given to all SMSF auditors once registered with ASIC.

Standard business reporting (SBR)

An initiative to streamline business to government reporting through special purpose software.

State/territory (Business names)

A business name registered under an Australian state or territory's legislation prior to 28 May 2012.

State/territory business name number

An identifying number allocated to a business name registered by a previous business names regulator in a particular Australian state or territory of Australia, prior to 28 May 2012.

State/territory business names regulator

The government agency of an Australian state or territory that previously administered business names legislation in that Australian state or territory. For example, Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Strike-off action in progress

Refers to an ASIC registered organisation that is in the process of being deregistered.

Submitted transaction

A transaction that has been submitted online to ASIC.

Summary prosecutions of companies and directors

A list of individuals and companies ASIC has prosecuted for a variety of alleged breaches since July 2002.

Suppression of details (Business names)

ASIC may suppress certain details (on the Business Names Register) from a search extract or fee details through the internet to prevent it from being available for the public to search. ASIC may suppress certain details if a request is lodged that for example, may include when ASIC is satisfied that there is risk to personal safety or endangerment of life to an individual, their family or individuals in their place of business.

Suspended SMSF auditor

An SMSF auditor that has been suspended from conducting audits on self-managed superannuation funds.