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How do I receive my products once I have paid for them?

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be directed to a page where you can view and print your results. We also send an email to your nominated address with links to your results and receipt. Certified documents are sent by mail.

What format will I receive my products in?

We supply purchased information in portable document format (PDF). These files can be viewed using Adobe Reader software, available from These results will be delivered to you via an email sent to your nominated email address.

Free public information will be displayed on screen. You can create a PDF copy of this information by selecting the ‘View PDF’ button on screen.

What is the difference between free information and a paid product?

Our free information will provide you with basic current information about an organisation at the time of viewing.

A paid extract will provide you with additional information about an organisation. Paid extracts can also provide current and historical information.

The information on the product I purchased appears to be incorrect. What should I do?

If you believe there is an error with the information displayed, you can report this through the "Report data error" button, which is located on the receipt page and in the 'related links' panel on the search home page.  All notifications are reviewed within 48 hours and responded to on a case-by-case basis.

Why is the product I purchased online different to the extract I purchased through a paper lodgement?

Documents purchased online are processed through a different system to documents purchased through paper lodgements. The new online extracts are formatted differently but the information is identical.

What is an ASIC certified document?

A certified document is a document from our register we have certified as a true copy. This certified copy is admissible as evidence in court. The certification must have an original ASIC stamp and signature. Certified documents can be purchased online but will be sent by mail to the nominated address after purchase.

What documents can be ASIC certified?

We can certify public access documents that have been lodged with us.  We do not certify:

  • copies of certificates of registration of a corporation or other certificates, as a certificate is already certified 
  • extracts from the ASIC registers, as this information is extracted directly from our records, or
  • documents relating to insurance brokers or foreign insurance agents lodged before the commencement of Australian financial services licences.

 For documents that can be certified, you will be provided with an option to purchase either a certified or uncertified copy.

Can I get multiple copies of certified documents at the same time?

Yes, but you will be charged the prescribed fee for each copy you purchase. For example, two copies of a certificate of registration will incur two fees.

What certificates are available from an online search?

The only certificate that is available from an online search is a copy of a certificate showing details of registration of corporation(s). To obtain other certificates, visit the ASIC forms homepage.

What is the difference between a ‘current’ and ‘current and historical’ company extract?

Current company extracts provide up to date organisation information at the time of purchase including current addresses, company officeholders and, for proprietary companies, members.  A current and historical company extracts provide all publically available information recorded on our registers including current and previous addresses company officeholders and, for proprietary companies, members.

To see a comparison of a "current" company extract and a "current and historical" company extract, please visit our examples page.

I purchased a financial report and received an 'XBRL' document. What is it and why did I get it?

XBRL is a computer language that allows computers to recognise, select, store and exchange information quickly and effectively. Some financial reports lodged with ASIC contain this file as part of the standard business reporting (SBR) initiative.

Not all financial reports lodged contain this file, but when they do, you will receive the XBRL file when you purchase the financial reports.