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Payment issues

My computer froze when I entered my details. How can I find out if the payment went through?

First, you will need to check your email. If you have received an email with your receipt and products, then the transaction was completed. You should also check your junk mail as the acknowledgement email can sometimes be sent there automatically, depending on the security settings of your email account. If your financial institution confirms that the payment has gone through and you have not received an email, contact us.

I have two charges on my credit card statement, have I been charged twice?

First, please check your credit card statement to ensure the second charge is not a separate transaction.

Please also check the receipt(s) we emailed to you after your payment. If you have pressed the submit button twice during the payment process, you will be charged twice and two receipts will be issued. We will not offer refunds in these cases.

If you are still unsure about the reason for the second charge, you should contact your financial institution for further investigation.