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Search information issues

I have located the business name, but the search result is missing current holder or address details. How can I obtain/update this information?

Some address records may not be returned in search results. This causes the free search result to show no information in the holder or address details fields.  Where this occurs, the information will also be missing in a paid search extract.

If information is missing or incorrect, contact us.

Or, you can update your business name details using ASIC Connect.

I have searched for a business name I know exists but it isn't showing in the search results. Why?

If a business name does not appear when you search for it, check that you have entered the business name correctly. For the best results, you should enter a business name in full. You can also try searching the business name holder, if known.

Why is there no address for service shown in my business name extract or on the free summary?

We may not have received the data from the state or territory agency, or it may be that a post office box was provided.

If information is missing or incorrect, you can update it using ASIC Connect .

Why is the principal place of business address not shown in full on my business name extract or free summary?

The full principal place of business address may not be displayed for individual business name holders (sole traders) in free search information or search extracts. However, you should be able to view the suburb/city, state and postcode. If you need this information urgently, contact us.

Why aren't the cancelled business names showing in a free business name holder (organisation or person) search?

If you conduct a free business name holder (organisation or person) search and all of the business names held by the holder are cancelled, the business names will not appear against the holder in the holder summary.

If at least one of the holder’s business names is registered, you will see their details in a free search of the registered business name under the holder summary.

My business name extract shows the appointed representatives but not which business name holders they represent. Why?

Where a business name has one or more representatives, these details will be listed against the business name in an extract.

Where there is more than one representative appointed, the extract will not show who the representatives are associated with (e.g. which joint venture partner). Please contact us  if you need this information.

We will be continuing to develop our search extracts, and this information will be made available in the future.

The former names of current business name holders are not displayed on my free business name holder search. Why?

Former names of current business name holders may not be displayed in search information. We are working to include this information for individual business name holders. If the business name holder is an organisation, you may be able to find this information through an organisation and business name search.

There are no business name holders returned in my current/historical business name extract. Why?

If you are the holder of the business name, you can update the business name holder details using ASIC Connect .

If you do not own the business name, contact us to check if we have a record of the business name holders.

My organisation and business name search lists a state/territory agency as the regulator for this business name. Why?

ASIC is the national regulator for business names. However, the regulator may still show as a state or territory agency (e.g. Office of Fair Trading, Queensland) in a business name search. We are working to update our system to reflect the change, and this issue will be corrected soon. If you do a business names index search , the regulator should correctly show as ASIC.