Search Help

How to search ASIC registers

Step two: View your results

After you have completed your search request, you will receive your results.

Search results list

If your search returns two or more records, a results list will be displayed with all records returned. The results list will look different depending on the type of search you use.

To view a particular record, simply select on the blue hyperlinked name (this will be the organisation name for an organisation and the family name for a person).

You will be taken to a screen where all available free information is displayed and identifies the paid products available for purchase.

To view details for several records from the search results list, select the boxes beside the products you wish to view and press the "View Details" button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a screen where:

  • all available free information is displayed, and
  • the paid products available for purchase are identified.

You are able to download a PDF version of your search results list. This can be done by pressing the "View PDF" button underneath your search results. This allows you to save your search results list for future reference.

Viewing free information

Once you are in the "View Details" screen, you will be presented with the free information about that organisation. You will also see paid products available for purchase.

You can view the free information on this screen and you can also view it in a PDF format by selecting the "View PDF" button. This will allow you to save the information for future reference.