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Glossary of terms - D

Terms in this glossary are provided for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice from the website owner – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The words in brackets do not form part of the term. Where business names appears in brackets alongside a term, this denotes the definition is only to be used in reference to the Business Name Register. These terms do not apply to any other ASIC services. 


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Debtor representative (business names)

A debtor representative is a person appointed or authorised to administer the bankruptcy or external administration (for example, liquidation) of a business name holder. Also includes a debtor representative appointed in relation to a foreign proceeding that has been recognised for the purposes of the Cross-Border Insolvency Act 2008. See also: Nominated manager for a debtor representative. 

Deregistered status

An entity that has been deregistered by ASIC (whether voluntarily by its members, initiated by ASIC or at the request of a liquidator). It ceases to exist as a legal entity. 

Disqualified person (business names)

A person who is disqualified from holding a business name because they:

  • are disqualified from managing a corporation under section 206B(1) of the Corporations Act 2001, or
  • have, within the last 5 years, been:

(a) convicted of, or

(b) released from prison after serving a term of imprisonment

for any of the criminal offences referred to in 32(1)(c) or (d) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011.

Document number

The unique identifying number that is allocated to each document received by ASIC. 

Document image

A scanned image of a document or a copy of information lodged electronically with ASIC.