ASIC key

ASIC key

What is the ASIC key?

The ASIC key is a unique number available to registration holders and is used to link a business to an ASIC Connect account. Once the business is linked, transactions can then be conducted in ASIC Connect.

It is similar to the PIN used for your bank account and should be stored in a secure location. You should only provide the ASIC key to others who you authorise to manage your registration with ASIC.

How to get the ASIC key

There are a number of ways to receive your ASIC key. The table below shows when we will send out the ASIC key.

Business typeWhen we will send the ASIC key
Business name

For business names registered before 28 May 2012 – the ASIC key is sent with your first reminder notice to renew the business name.

For business names registered after 28 May 2012 – the ASIC key is sent on registration.

If you do not have the ASIC key (e.g. have not yet received the key or have lost it), you can request one through ASIC Connect.

Who can request an ASIC key?

The registration holder (a business name holder) can request the ASIC key.

The table below illustrates who can order an ASIC key on behalf of a registration holder.

If the registration holder is...The ASIC key must be requested by...
an individualthe registration holder
a companya director, secretary or registered agent of the company (if one is appointed)
a partnership / joint venture partnershipa partner
a trustan authorised representative
an Australian financial services licenseea responsible manager of the licensee
an Australian credit licenseea responsible manager of the licensee

Receiving the ASIC key

The ASIC key will normally be sent to the address for service of documents (for a business name) or the principal place of practice listed on our registers.

You should conduct a search on the relevant register to check whether the address details are correct.  If the address is no longer correct, you will need to contact us by phone to arrange for your ASIC key to be sent to you.

Further help

Our user guide  provides step by step instructions on how to request an ASIC key