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Banned and disqualified

What is a Banned & Disqualified search?

The Banned & Disqualified search provides information about persons who have been disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation, or banned from practicing in the financial services or credit industry. Information provided in this search is taken from the following registers:

  • Disqualified persons
  • Banned securities representatives
  • Banned futures representatives
  • Australian financial services banned/disqualified persons, and
  • Credit banned/disqualified persons.

What details will I see for free?

Information we provide for free includes:

  • name
  • address
  • type of banning or disqualification
  • date of commencement
  • date of cessation (or whether it is permanent)
  • documents available for purchase, and
  • a copy of the disqualification or banning document (relating to the credit industry only).

What information can I purchase?

You can purchase the disqualification or banning document (with the exception of a credit banning, which is provided for free), which will provide further information regarding the person's disqualification or banning.

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